Welcome to the new blog!

Hello and welcome to the new blog! I decided convert my site into a blog as I spend a lot of time reading and trying out new things that help me improve my skillset. My goal is that I can expand upon this and share my knowledge with you all by writing about it, the idea is that this will also act as library or point of reference for myself incase that on the off chance I need to refer back to anything.

Most of the topics covered will be related to Ruby, Rails, Node Js and Javascript

You will find that the majority of articles will focus on Ruby, Rails, Node Js and Javascript but there will possibly even be some PHP in there as well even though this is an often frowned upon language I dont feel it should always be overlooked as its come a long way as a language since its bad days and I believe in choosing the most efective and right tool for the job.

Im currently particularly interested in Isomorphic Web Applications and believe this will become the standard in quality software development sometime in the very near future as it solves many of todays problems that come with large javascript backed applications that run in the client. So you can expect to see a number of articles relating to this topic focused around Facebooks React Js as starting point.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, hopefully you liked it and will check back soon to catch up with any new articles that have been published. You can also subscribe to the Rss Feed if you want to make sure you dont miss out.