About Ben Barber, a London based software and web application developer

Hi I’m Ben. Im an experienced Ruby on Rails software developer, Interface designer and wanna be wine connoisseur! I specialise in creating creating well thought out, user focused software and web applications that offer the best possible user experience.

Currently I’m the Senior Developer for Socrates Systems, leading the development and evolution of their industry leading Socrates Online Insurance platform that currently powers around 30% of the travel insurance sites listed on MoneySupermarket.

Skills & Experience

I have been developing websites, web application’s and API’s professionally now for over 9 years and in that time I have worked on a wide variety of projects with some of the more notable ones being YourTradeBase and the Socrates Online Insurance platform. The software I develop is mostly focused around helping businesses to improve their workflow and trying to bring in as much automation as possible, which in return free’s up time for them to focus on more important tasks.

Some of the technologies I work with on a regular basis are:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node Js
  • Angular Js
  • Laravel

My skill set is constantly evolving as I’m always trying out the newest development frameworks, languages and libraries while following best practices to improve upon the software I develop.

I am also proficient In the setup and maintenance of servers and deployment processes, I prefer to version the setup through a provisioning tool such as Chef or Ansible whenever possible and have experience with Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean.

How it all Started

I became interested in the internet and making websites from the young age of 13, when all that was available was a painfully slow dial-up connection! After a lot of hacking around with tables in Frontpage I got my first site together and hosted it on Geocities.

By the time I was 15 I had progressed on to learn some PHP which I used to develop my first major web site which was an music top sites where people could vote for there favourite website which would then move up the ranking’s gaining more traffic back to their site in return.

Since then I have continued to stay at the forefront, keeping up with trends and leaning new programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6, Ruby on Rails, and some Objective-C along the way.

Want to Read More?

Fortunately I also like to write, so you can read more about my journey and find out about new technologies that I work with in my blog. I try to publish on a regular basis so check back often to see whats new.